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Woodblock Store 1 - The Iroquois Four Winds


Name of Print - Ya-O-Ga is Prowling the Northern Sky

The North Wind is personified by the bear spirit named Ya-o-gah. He lived in a cave and was controlled by Gah-oh, the spirit of the wind. The power of Bear Ya-0-gah is such that he, if bidden, could crush the world with his storms or destroy it with cold. But he is kept in Check by Gah-oh. It is said that when Ga-oh unfastens this leash, winter hurricanes sweep across the land, and the water freezes from Ya-o-gah's icy breath as he prowls the Northern Sky.


Myths and Legends of the New York State Iroquois,
Issues 125-129
By Harriet Maxwell Converse

"Ya-o-gah." Encyclopedia Mythica from
Encyclopedia Mythica Online. "Ya-o-gah.".
Micha F. Lindemans

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Name of Print - Ne-O-Ga is Returning to Its Doe

Ga-oh, the ruler of the winds, said, "Ne-o-ga, you walk with the Summer sun, and

know all its paths; you are gentle, and kind as the sunbeam, and will rule my flock of

the Summer winds in peace. You shall be the South Wind." When Ga-oh unlocks his

reins from Fawn, the soothing south winds whisper to Earth and she summons her

Spring. When the south wind wafts soft breezes, the Iroquois say, "The Fawn is

returning to its Doe."

Iroquois stories

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Name of Print - Da-Jo-Ji is Whining

Ga-oh, the ruler of the Winds, trumpeted a shrill blast and all the sky seemed

threatening. With a sound as of great claws tearing the heavens into rifts, Da-jo-ji, the panther sprang into the gate. Said Ga-oh, "You are ugly, and fierce, and can fight the strong storms; you can carry the whirlwind on your strong back, and toss the great sea waves high in the air, and snarl at the tempests if they stray from my gate. You shall be the West Wind. Go to the west sky, where the Sun will hurry to hide when you howl your warning to the night." When the west wind is violent, the Iroquois say, "the Panther is Whining."

Iroquois Stories

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Name of Print - O-Yan-Do-Ne is Spreading His Breath

Ga-oh, the ruler of the winds, gave a strong blast which shook the earth. And there

arose a moan like the calling of a lost mate, the sky shivered in a cold rain, the whole earth clouded in mist, a crackling sound as of great horns crashing through the forest trees dinned the air, and O-yan-do-ne, the Moose, stood stamping his hoofs at the gate. Said Ga-oh, "Your breath blows the mist, and can lead the cold rains; your horns spread wide, and can push back the forests to widen the path for my storms as with your swift hoofs you race with my winds. You shall be the East Wind, and blow your breath to chill the young clouds as they float through the sky," When the east wind chills with its rain, the Iroquois say, The Moose is spreading his breath."

Iroquois stories

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